Minotaur Strongman

Most weight lifted - 1 point for each kg lifted in each of the big three exercises. In order to acknowledge a well rounded lifter, 20 bonus points are added to your total if you can lift 100kg or more in all three (bench, back squat, deadlift). 

Most improved, 10% improvement and 20% improvement recognition - This requires players to post their starting lift weight amounts via a video. We all have to expect integrity in this process. No low balling the weights please. How much can you improve?  20% is doable. 20% example: a 50kg lift is improved to a 60kg, a 80kg lift is improved to 96kg. 10% improvement on a 90kg is to a 99kg lift. Improvement is harder for those already fairly fit and at the top end of their strength potential. 

Percentage of Body Weight Lifted - Total amount lifted divided by your body weight. Example 330kg (total lifted) divided by 80kg (body weight) = 4.125 multiplied by 100 and you've lifted 412.5% of your body weight. The higher the number the better. We will recognize overall and individual lift high achievers. Another motivator....loss weight and increase your percentage!